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Why sailing boat holidays in Greece?

Sailing yacht while on boat holidays in Greece!

Nowadays, sailing holidays are getting more popular than ever. Such holidays address to almost everybody, from experienced sailors & bareboat charters to totally inexperienced, even to very young people with little or no nautical background & skippered charters. The remarkable point is that boat vacations offer what exactly the contemporary human needs - the different style of holidays.  Regular “bareboat” sailors know all the prons and cons of boat holidays very well - set out for the newcomers here below.

• Yacht holidays are synonymous not only with adventurous moments, action and wild entertainment but with privacy and isolation as well. You can find such holidays both relaxing and exciting, but also the real alternative solution to common hotels, bungalows, camps and the like. An option out of the beaten track!
• All the scenery is beautiful and if you think you will be bored, then may think again. During a charter, there will be a lot of different destinations to go to and therefore different sites to see and activities to realize. In addition to the above, you are not going at a race pace and there is much time to entertain yourself, to meet new interests, to revise thoughts or to enjoy dawns and sunsets. One thing is for sure: a sailing experience will always keep its unique images alive in your memory.
• Really get away from it all! With the development of the technology, it is really getting difficult for anybody to get away from it all. Out at the seas, you will surely have less desire to use cell phones, laptops and other office-gadgets. Consequently, it is a good chance for anybody to escape from the daily routine and monotony.
• When thinking of a new way to enjoy summer vacations with your family, one of the things that you should consider is boat holidays. Most of us, due to the hectic life, we have no time for our families. Yachting holidays are the “antidote” since they bring family members so close together in a way that no other type of vacations can do.
• A major problem many people experience is the harsh, sometimes the cruel, shift they work. Sedentary life, mostly, keeps them far from physical fitness and good mood. Sailing is not passive sport/ hobby! You need to navigate the yacht or at least to lend a hand. A good way for some workout – difficult to find it in our days!
• Yachts are a dream of many people! It is true that for most people, even for those who are fairly successful, a private yacht is virtually impossible. It goes without saying though that it does not mean they would never have the chance to charter one for their part. Chartering a boat is not expensive. Lately, it has become affordable even for low budgets since the prices are much more competitive in contrast to the past.
• One more advantage that we should mention is the feeling of being so close to nature. Sailing is an unconditional absolute touch with the wind, the sky, the water, the spring smell, the sun…

Are there any Disadvantages? (less and less important, but worth mentioning).

• After taking such a decision, you are “obliged” to stay on the same place with the same people for a certain period of time. People sometimes face problems during their trips. Problems regarding noise, food habits, different mentalities, strange behaviors or even arguments about where to go and who is on the helm. Frictions can “destroy” the trip and people should pay special attention on this. Also, they may feel uncomfortable because of the limited space onboard the yacht - it is not a hotel suite!
• The distances to sail from one destination to another (especially in Greece) are not long - usually they are a piece of cake. That is why most yacht holiday “lovers” plan to visit as many ports / places as they can. Sailing is primarily a mechanism for sightseeing rather than visiting places (checking places not exploring them). Many people combine all the above, however a yacht is not so flexible as you may think!
• Strong winds may affect your pre-designed route and possibly block you in the port for a while. Just stay calm & enjoy it!
• The problem of sea sickness. Sea sickness depends on you and your past experience. Although it sometimes creates trouble, everybody gets over within one day or two. There is certain medication available for the sea sickness (travel gums, bracelets, dramamines etc) but if you have a major problem you should choose a calm sailing area. Ask us!

In our opinion, it is worth living this experience. So, the next time you will be looking for a holiday idea, do a little research on such holidays. We are sure it is time you experience it!










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Special Offers

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Special Offers
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