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Multihull or Monohull? Sailing or Catamaran boat in Greece?

Many people, especially less experienced “sailors” or newcomers, begin to wonder what kind of boat (sailboat/ monohull or catamaran/ multihull) suits best to them & their summer boat holidays. Indeed, the above types offer completely different features to the charterer. Although it depends on any individual personal interest, we present some main tips for each type below enabling such a decision.

Let’s start with Sailing Yachts/ Monohull ones:
- They occupy one berth in a marina/ base & moor very easy mostly in some much-crowed Greek islands during summer
- They are typically fitted with a keel below the waterline & a small side surface making boat manoeuvres simple in a windy area or port
- They point and easily tack during upwind sailing. That means, such yachts are able to sail very fast in the windy Greek seas
- Their motive force is the wind being economical and environmentally-friendly
- They are all-weather vessels & the safest ones. Sailors feel the total tranquillity and freedom when they sail without the noise of the engine
- They have a reasonable, sometimes low, charter price. Due to the fact that there is a wide range of such boats available in the Greek sailing market, prices are very competitive.

Let’s continue with Catamaran Yachts/ Multihull ones:
- Their small draft allows guests to approach the shore very close and anchor (almost) anywhere for swimming and snorkelling
- They are very stable and secure in rough seas because of its extended beam/ width. In this way, such yachts prevent motion sickness of the people onboard – a crucial problem for many parties
- They are light for their length & also have tall masts with big sails. Their overall speed, compared to a monohull of the same size, is about 20% faster
- They offer a relaxed cruise, with the possibility of many activities on their large deck (lounging, gaming, relaxing, napping etc)
- They are wide offering much space to the guests. Their cabins are long with wide beds & plenty of storage rooms. Their saloon & galley areas are on the same level to the cockpit meaning panoramic view & easy access to the boat. Their overall interior-exterior comfort level is high (depending on the boat).

Hope that this text covers the majority of the common sailors’ queries.
Do you need more advanced help? Send us your requirements/ questions & we will happily help you for this issue.










Special Offers
Special Offers

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Special Offers
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