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 Saronic and Argolic Gallery /Aegina

Photo Gallery Aegina Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery Aghistri Photo Gallery
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See the photo gallery for Aegina island in the Saronic & Argolic Gulf/ islands.

The church of Ag. Nektarios, the patron Saint of Egina island, Greece. Sailing Aigina island and the rest of the Saronic & Argolic islands. Fresh fish and a glass of ouzo in a taverna in Aigina island. The Temple of Aphaia in Aigina island, Greece.
Aegina island, Ag. Nektarios church Aegina island, sailing Aegina island, taverna Aegina island, Temples
Leaving Aegina port with our Cyclades 50.5 (Sofia IV). The colourful town of Aegina in the Saronic & Argolic Gulf in Greece. The site of Kolona in Egina island, Greece. The bay of Ag. Marina in Aigina island/ Saronic & Argolic Gulf sailing area.
Aegina port Aegina port Aegina town, Kolona Aegina, Ag. Marina bay
The popular sandy beach of Ag. Marina in the Saronic & Argolic sailing area. The clear waters of Moni islet opposite Aigina island. Anchored for a nice swim stop in Moni islet near Aegina. A boat selling fruit in Aigina port/ Saronic Gulf.
Aegina, Ag. Marina beach Aegina, Moni islet Aegina, Moni islet Aegina, Saronic islands
The famous Aiginitika pistachios. Aerial photo of Perdika port in Aigina island, Saronic & Argolic Gulf sailing area.
Aigina island Aigina, Perdika port
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Special Offers

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Special Offers
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Hydra is a Greek island located between the Saronic and the Argolic gulf in the West end of the Aegean Sea. It is considered one of the most popular destinations for sailing holidays in Greece as well as the “must stop” for charters in the area of the Saronic and Argolic Gulf & Peloponnese East coast. 

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