Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Samos island in the Dodecanese sailing area:

Although Samos is geographically part of the East Sporades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, most sailors include it in the Dodecanese cluster. In fact, Samos is the closest of the Greek islands to Asia Minor – about one single mile far from the Turkish coastline – being one of the most visited islands of this group. It is big island with great history, modern and traditional lifestyle, good infrastructure, nice beaches & villages and lots of possibilities. Nowadays, Samos is one of the most popular destinations for summer sailing holidays in Greece!
Samos island features remarkably lush and fertile landscape. Thick pine-tree forests, cultivated plains & vineyards that produce the famous Samos wines create really superb & green scenery.
Samos (or Vathy) town, placed on the NE corner of Samos, is the island’s capital and main ferry terminal. The capital is amphitheatrically built around a bay creating distinguishable contrast to the viewer since it boasts both neoclassic and modern architecture style buildings. A walk around the old town and harbour is a must that nobody should miss! Both the capital and port are encircled by cafes, clubs, restaurants, tavernas and many commercial shops.
There are several villages in Samos island such as Karlovasi, Kokkari and Pythagorion. They offer different way of living, country life, seafood, old-fashioned cafes – bars and very good beaches.

Samos island offers great variety of stunning beaches and coves. There are secluded bays where people can relax and enjoy the sea and well-organised beaches where people can have watersports, loud music, drinks, snacks etc. The most famous beaches in Samos island are Kokkari, Psilli Ammos, Pythagorion, Tsamadou, Heraion, Kedros, Kerveli, Lemonakia, Mykali, Platanakia, Potokaki, Potami and Roditises.
The island covers any nightlife need with many bars and night clubs to be surrounded in the capital of Samos, Karlovassi, Kokkari and Pythagorion. Shopping can also be found in the capital and many other villages.

Weather conditions / Climate in Samos island:

In summer, the prevailing wind in Samos island is the Meltemi. It blows from N-NNW direction at force 4-6 beaufort scale and may reach force 7 on occasion. On the contrary, during spring & autumn S winds are very common but their force never exceeds 4-5 beaufort scale.
The climate in Samos is the so-called classic Mediterranean with sunny and warm summers and mild winters with plenty of rainfalls. During summertime, the atmosphere is quite lovely as the temperature never exceeds 30 degrees celsius.

Moorings & Anchorages in Samos island/ Dodecanese islands:

The new Pythagorion marina on the Southern coast of Samos island is good starting point for the Dodecanese & Eastern Sporades navigation area of Greece.
Mooring places, in Samos, are available in the new Pythagorion marina as well as in the Pythagorion harbour.
Safe anchorages, in Samos, are mainly gathered around Samiopoula island and Vathy port on the Eastern part of the South coast in Samos island.
Keep in mind: The new Pythagorion marina in Samos islandKos Marina in Kos island and the old harbour of Mandraki in Rhodos island are “Galazio Sailing” charter bases for the Dodecanese sailing area.

History / Places of interest in Samos island:

According to archaeological excavations, Samos island was firstly populated during the Neolithic period (3rd millennium BC). In ancient times, the island was a centre of Ionian culture and prosperity being famous for wines and red pottery. It was then that the Evpalinos Tunnel – one of the Seven Wonders – was built and it was the huge jetty and the superb Sanctuary of Hera. Samos Island was also the birthplace of several famous ancient Greeks astronomers, mathematicians, architects, sculptors and painters.
Samos became a great power in the 6h Century BC under the rule of the tyrant Polycrates who achieved in turning the island into a huge naval power and one of the top commercial centres of this period. After that, the Island’s trade had flourished since it was close to trade-routes & collaborated with many important nations such as Asia Minor (importation of textiles), the Black Sea area, Egypt, Cyrene, Corinth and Chalcis. In fact, Samos’ sailors were the first from the Greek islands to have reached the Straits of Gibraltar.
Throughout the years, the island came under the rule of many lets say big “powers” such as the Spartans, the Romans, the Venetians, the Genoese and the Turks. Last but not least, the island played an important role in the Greek Revolution against the Turks in the beginnings of 1820s.

Places of interest in Samos island:
There are many museums, ancient monuments and religious sights around Samos island. Worth paying a visit: the archaeological museum (Vathi town), fossil museum (Mytilini village), temple of Hera (Heraion village), folklore museum (Pythagorion town), Lykourgos castle (SW of Pythagorion port). Do not miss the monasteries and churches of Agios Spyridon (Vathy town), Timios Stavros (East-central part of Samos) and Panagia Spiliani (Pythagorion village).

Activities in Samos island:

Samos is “hot” summer holiday spot for watersports and outgoing activities! Almost all well-organised beaches and hotels, located mostly in Pythagorion, Karlovassi, Lemonakia, Votsalakia and Tsamadou, offer wind-surfing and water-skiing as well as paddle boats and canoes.
Samos also tempts walkers/ ramblers from several places in the world since it presents attractive mountains, plains and paths.
One can rent a car, motorbike or bike around the capital and Vathy main port.

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