Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Galazio Sailing has prepared an easy HOW-TO-BOOK plan in order to make your booking procedure a piece of cake!

The more information we get from your initial request, the more accurate answer you will get. It is advisable to fill in the “availability request form” so as to provide us with specific notes about your demands. We usually answer within the same day and this answer sometimes includes more than one available choice in terms of yacht types and itineraries.


If you are really interested in one offer (yacht, price, dates etc) you may ask for an “option”. In such a case, we block the yacht and reserve the offer for 3 days – until your final decision is made. Keep in mind that the duration of our “option” may be less than 3 days for high season, last minute charters etc. The blocked options will automatically be cancelled after the agreed period of days.


Right after you are decided on our offer, please confirm in written all the appropriate charter details you had asked during option period and/ or possible changes and special arrangements. Our company will re-confirm the booking at once by giving you a charter code (your ID number) useful for any future correspondence.


In order we complete the process, we will also e-mail you:
• The contract signed by us (Charter Party). You are kindly asked to mail the contract back to Galazio Sailing after you sign and complete all missing details
• Invoice/ charter statement and cost analysis
• A blank crew list which you should complete and forward back to us.
Last but not least, we need to receive legible copies of the skipper’s and co-skipper’s sailing certificates and sailing resumes.


Galazio Sailing expects a first deposit of 50% of the yacht charter fees at maximum 07 days after the booking date. We should have received the rest 50% of the yacht charter fees at least 30 days before embarkation. Funds should be deposited to our bank account in Greece. We provide bank details along with a booking confirmation.

Other expenses and extras such as final cleaning, skipper, cook, hostess or steward, pre-arranged provisions, land transfers, spinnaker, blister etc are payable upon embarkation.

NOTE: No charters can commence in case Galazio Sailing has not received the full payment.


Our yachts are insured against fire, marine and collision risks, third party liability and any part or total loss or damage, in excess of the amount of the “security deposit” which any client pays at the departure base. For liability to third party is deemed to include cover at least as follows:

1. Loss of life, personal injury or illness € 293,470
2. Loss or damage to any other vessel or property € 146,735
3. Pollution Expenses € 88,041

The amount of the security deposit is returned to the charterer at once after the inspection of the boat, its gear and inventory list by the skipper and our representative. (Minor) damages or loss, made during the charter time, are estimated and charged after this procedure accordingly.


NOTE: The security deposit does not cover fuel/ water consumption, end-cleaning expenses, delay of re-delivery of the yacht without prior agreement with Galazio Sailing and any results of gross negligence which may raise legal actions against the author(s).


The cancellation policy of Galazio Sailing includes:

a. Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled in a period more than 60 days prior to boat embarkation.
b. Cancellation fee of 50% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 59-31 days prior to boat embarkation.
c. Cancellation fee of 100% of the total fee, for bookings cancelled in a period less than 30 days prior to boat embarkation.


Our company will return the cancellation fees, less 3% (or minimum amount – Euro 200), if the cancelled yacht is re-chartered for the same period under the same conditions.


Click right below to view a copy of the general terms & conditions Galazio Sailing applies for bareboat & skippered yacht charters in Greece.
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