Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Paroikia port is situated a few meters away from the ferry terminal of Paros and just right in the heart of Paros town. For those of you who wish to start their sailing holidays from Paros island in order to sail the Cyclades, make sure you read the below article!

What about ferries to Paros?

During the Summer season there are several ferries that daily connect Athens with Paros island. Most of them are from Piraeus port and only a few from ports such as Lavrion and Rafina.

Depending on your budget and schedule, you can choose between the normal and the fast ferries. Our opinion would be to choose Blue Star for conventional ferries and Hellenic Seaways for fast ferries. Both these companies have new and reliable boats as opposed to other companies that are known for endless delays, old boats and a not-so-good service.The timetable for the ferries gets “published” about 3 weeks in advance. That means that you cannot see the actual schedule of the ferries before that time. However, most companies have a “fixed” schedule for some ferries that is valid throughout the year.

For more information on ferry schedules from other companies, you may also check online availability at

Keep in mind:

Another thing worth mentioning is that most departures from Athens are early in the morning. Only a few ferries depart in the evening hours or later at night and at specific days. So make sure you arrange your flights according to the ferry timetable otherwise you will be looking for a hotel to spend the night in Athens.

How much will the ferry cost?

As mentioned previously, the selection of the ferry depends on your budget and on how fast you want to reach your destination. The HighSpeed provides a quick and comfortable way to travel to Paros but the ticket for the economy class costs around Euro 58 per person. Blue Star ferries on the other hand, offers a great price to those who book their journey in advance. For example, the price for the economy class saloon is Euro 10. Do keep in mind though that this is applicable for only a limited number of seats (if available). Otherwise, the normal price for the economy saloon tickets is around Euro 29 and Euro 33 for economy seats (like the airplane seats).

So, if you are not in a particular hurry and you prefer to save some money, our suggestion would be to visit the website of Blue Star Ferries ( and check out the availability and prices.

When travelling by ferry, you must also take into consideration the meltemi wind, a strong North wind that usually blows during July and August. Smaller ferries are more vulnerable to harsh weather and are not allowed to leave port when the wind force is over 6 Beauforts. Unlike the big ferries that can leave port when the wind force is up to 8 Beauforts and are considered a more secure solution when booking a ferry to the Cyclades. Additionally, we would suggest you choose a conventional ferry rather than a fast one, since the faster the boat is, the more turbulent it will get.

What about domestic flights?

Another alternative way to get to Paros is by plane from Athens airport. Olympic Airlines has daily flights to Paros that cost from Euro 75 to Euro 120 depending on the period and the availability. The duration of the flight is 30-35 minutes, however when you are planning your holidays, be prepared to face 1 or 2 hours of flight delay. Also make sure you book your ticket as early as possible as the plane is small, so availability is limited (especially for August).

What about charter flights?

The best way to reach Paros would be a charter flight directly from your country. However, Paros airport is too small for international flights so all major tour operators fly to Mykonos airport instead. From Mykonos island, there are several ferries that connect the two islands during the day.

See the main page for Paros port in Paros island.

** Possible changes on ferry/ air flight timetables, ticket prices, public means of transport etc may be occurred. For even more detailed information, on how to reach Parikia port in Paros island, you can also consult your local agent or ask us via a short message.

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