Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

A multihull is a boat (or a ship) that has more than one hull. These additional hulls, contrary to monohull boats which originally use a single ballasted keel, provide the stability such boats need so as to be kept upright in a gust.

Catamarans are twin-hulled watercrafts (a kind of a multihull boat) joined by a frame. Like all sailing yachts, they can be either propelled by sails or powered by an engine. In reality, all catamarans have two engines (one in every hull) which make navigation much easier.

For the record, the first catamaran was invented by a fishing tribe in the Southern coast of India used for travel, recreation & war purposes. Nowadays, people use catamarans not only for leisure and sport sailing but for high-speed transportation from one place to another as well. Modern high-speed catamarans are considered to be the fastest boats available.

Some of the special features of catamarans are:

-Catamarans, due to their high water resistance, are much steady in rough seas.

-Their hulls are normally thin which make them light.

-Being light & much stable and naturally equipped with a wide beam, the “cats” have high average speed (can reach over 1.5 time the speed of the wind).

-Catamarans rarely capsize but have a tendency to pitchpole & can be harder to tack.

Sailing catamarans for bareboat or skippered charters in Greece range from 32 ft to 50 ft & can accommodate up to 12 guests. Such catamarans provide much space (inside & outside the boat) and comfort to their guests as they have a high proportion of deck area. They also offer spacious saloons & cabins with big panoramic windows. As for their speed performance, a catamaran which has a size of 40ft / 12m in length can speed 20 mph / 32 km per hr.

NOTE: Navigation principles for catamarans remain the same as the ones in single-hulled yachts.

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