Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Aghistri Island in the Saronic & Argolic sailing area:

Aghistri (also Agistri or Angistri) is very small, pine-covered island in the Saronic & Argolic Gulf. Its proximity to Athens makes it popular sailing destination for weekends or day trips & port of call for sailors who want to sail the Saronic & Argolic sailing area in Greece.
There are three main settlements on Aghistri, Milos (or Megalochori), Skala and Limenaria. Although Milos is the capital of the island, Skala is the main tourist area. Both have their own natural ports and offer a variety of shops, supermarkets, tavernas and bars. Milos is actually a modest village with tiny, winding streets and stone built old houses while Skala is a bustling centre that houses the majority of hotels, apartments and rooms for tourists. The traditional village of Limenaria is a purely residential area with no shops, no hotels and only one taverna which serves some of the very best food on the island! The village of Metochi is also worth a visit for some spectacular views over Agistri and the Saronic Gulf.

At a short distance from Skala, there are some secluded sandy beaches with shallow waters, ideal for children. Among the best beaches for swimming in Aghistri are Milos, Dragonera, Marisa, Aponissos (trendy anchoring place) and Chalikiada (popular nudist beach!).
To conclude, Agistri is without a doubt a unique combination of natural beauty, green landscape and clean beaches. A perfect place for families, for those seeking a relaxed holiday and for couples who want to spend a romantic time.

Weather conditions / Climate in Aghistri island:

In the protected Argolic & Saronic gulf, Agistri enjoys good weather conditions all year round. The winters are mild, the summers are hot and dry and the winds are soft, especially in summer and spring.
More specifically, spring and autumn are warm and sunny with temperatures reaching 21-25 degrees celsius (69- 77 degrees fahrenheit). During the summer months (June to August) the average temperature may vary between 25-31 degrees celsius (77-88 degrees fahrenheit).

Moorings & Anchorages in Aghistri island/ Saronic & Argolic Gulf:

As Agistri is a small island, you can moor your boat only in Milos (or Megalochori). For anchorages in Aghistri, you may go to Skala, Aponissos and in the nearby islet of Doroussa.

Keep in mind: Alimos marina and Lavrion port both in Athens are our charter bases for the sailing area of the Saronic & Argolic Gulf and Peloponnese East Coast.

History / Places of interest in Aghistri island:

According to Homer (Greek epic poet), Agistri was once called Kekriphalia which means “adorned head” and was Aegina’s ally during the Trojan war.
Archaeological findings indicate that Agistri was first populated by Peloponnesians somewhere in the 5th century BC. Little was recorded by historians about the further development of the island; however the history of Agistri is linked with the history of Aegina island.
After the Serbian imperial expansion in the 14th century AC, the island became a refuge for Arvanites. Their influence can still be seen in the long colourful dresses and head scarves some of the older women wear.
In the following years, the island fell under Ottoman rule and at some point when the pirate attacks became too frequent, Agistri was completely abandoned by its inhabitants.
The island of Agistri was again populated in 1821 when Greece finally became free from the Turkish rule. Since then, the population surprisingly increased and the islanders now rely mainly on tourism rather than agriculture.

Places to visit in Aghistri island:
If you are looking forward to visiting the archaeological places and the museums in Agistri, you will be disappointed! Unfortunately there are no museums other than the cultural centre in Milos that exhibits a few of the findings.
As in all Greek islands, there are several churches to visit. Some of these are the church of Zoodohos Pighi in Milos, Ag. Anargyri in Skala, and Ag. Kyriaki in Limenaria.
If you are sailing Agistri and the rest Saronic & Argolic Gulf, make sure you drop by the nearby islets of Metopi, Kyra, Spalathronisi and Doroussa.

Activities in Aghistri island/ Aegean Sea:

Since Agistri is such a small island, you will find no water sports facilities.  Those who love hiking or cycling will discover sign posted trails to explore. If you are visiting Agistri by sailboat, you will also find many deserted coves ideal for swim stops.
In general though, Agistri is simply a place for a nice, relaxing and enjoyable (sailing boat) holiday in Greece!

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