Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Skyros island in the Sporades sailing area:

Skyros (or Skiros) island belongs to the Northern Sporades sailing area that lies in the Aegean Sea, Greece. It is the Southernmost & the largest of the Sporades island group and no doubt a pleasant sailing destination for your summer boat holidays!
The island has a lot of beautiful landscapes to offer to its visitors. The Northern part of the island is covered in forests and green scenery which completely comes in contrast with the Southern part, which is rocky, dry and infertile.
For those interested in spending some time touring the island, the colourful capital of the island (called Chora), is considered the main touristy hub of Skyros and has many cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars and commercial shops. Chora was built amphitheatrically around a hill with the classic Aegean architectural style, whitewashed houses, dark coloured roofs and nice alleys.
The island’s main port is Linaria (located 10km west of Skyros capital), which also offers a little bay where sailing yachts can have the necessary supplies & support while on sailing holidays in the island. While in Skyros, you may also visit several fishing and mountainous villages, such as Magazia and Molos (found North of the island) which are definitely worth the trip!

Even though Skyros’ coastline is generally steep and (in some cases) rugged, there are sandy, pebbly or even pine-forested beaches and coves. The most famous beaches are Magazia, Aherounes, Pefkos, Ormos Kalogria, Agios Fokas, Palamari, Aspous, Molos, Atsitsa, Lino, Kolympiada, and Kalamitsa. Needless of to say, the islets of Skyropoula, Valaxa & Sarakino feature very interesting sailing itineraries around Sporades navigation area & provide tourists with very good beaches. Note: There are many untouched nice bays where yachtsmen can drop anchor at the foot of the mountains enjoying the real beauty & the total serenity.
Skyros nightlife is low and relaxed! Bars, cafes, clubs and discos are especially around the capital. The island is reputed for its seafood cuisine & delicious meat recipes. Skyros is good place for buying local items as well.

Weather conditions / Climate in Skyros island:

The Meltemi wind prevails during summertime in Skyros. It blows from NE at force 4-6 beaufort scale and may reach 7 occasionally. During spring and autumn, it usually blows from N (NE-NW) with common S winds as well.
The climate is generally mild & rainy throughout winters and sunny & warm throughout summers. The temperature is sometimes quite high during summer but the constant breeze, blowing in Northern Sporades area, provides a relief making accommodation much pleasant.

Moorings & Anchorages in Skyros island/ Sporades islands:

The available mooring places in Skyros island are along Linaria little bay (North of Linaria port) where fuel, water, shopping facilities & a tavern are on hand.
Anchorages in Skyros: Ormos Ag. Foka, Valaxou (dhiavlos) passage, Ormos Pefki, Glyfada bay (South of Sarakino islet).
Keep in mind: Skiathos port in Skiathos island is our charter base for the Northern Sporades islands.

History of Skyros island:

ccording to the myth, the mother of Achilles, Thetis, sent her son to Skyros so as to avoid the Trojan War. There, Achilles who dressed up like a girl, lived with the king Likomidi and his daughters until Ulysses captured and led him back to Troy.
Skyros was originally populated by the Kares, the Pelazyi and the Dolopes during the Stone Age. Over the years, Skyros came under the rule of many states such as the Macedonians, the Romans, the Venetians, the Athenians & the Turks. Pirates created lots of problems to Skyros and the most notorious was Barbarossa who helped Turks to occupy the island for a second time.
During the Greek revolution against Turks in 1821, Skyros played an important role and became a safe shelter for immigrants. Skyros was finally liberated in 1829 along with the rest of the Sporades.

Places of interest in Skyros island:

Skyros is popular for archaeological monuments & religious sights. Sightseeing “lovers” should visit the Venetian castle with its superb view over the island (main town), the folk art & archaeological museums (main town), the Grave of the early 20th century poet Rupert Brook (S of Skyros), the monasteries of Saint George and Dimitrios as well as many churches & small chapels.
The “must” attraction though is the ponies that spread around the island and have become part of Skyros daily life.

Activities in Skyros island:

In reality, Skyros is not popular place for watersport activities as there are only a few organised beaches that offer such activities. To be more exact, the beaches of Kalamitsa & Atsitsa offer windsurfing & sailing lessons and Magazia beach includes some watersports activities as well.
One specific thing that yachtsmen may really enjoy in Skyros is the dolphins and the seals that often follow the boats on route.
Car, motorbike & bicycle rentals are available in Skyros capital, Chora.
Last but not least, Skyros is bordered by a large number of small islands and rocky islets giving the chance for adventurous sailing boat itineraries from one settlement to another.

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