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See the map for the Ionian sailing area in Greece.


Ionian sailing area/ Lefkas island

Located on the Western side of the mainland of Greece and East of Italy, the Ionian islands are traditionally called the Seven islands (in Modern Greek Eptanisa, “”) but the area is surrounded by many smaller islands as well. Extremely lush and fertile, they have more vegetation, rain and protected waters than any other region in Greece. Flat seas, real green landscapes, safe anchorages in bays encircled by Olive Groves and pine trees whet any sailors appetite to explore the Mediterranean magnificence more and more!

The climate around the Ionian islands is mild with dry-hot summers and rainy-mild winters. This group of islands has an annual average of rainfalls three times higher than any other island in Greece. The weather is warm and the average temperatures are approximately 12 (53,6F) to 30 (86F) degrees Celsius from April to October while during winter they rarely fall below zero. The wind, almost throughout the summer period, blows from North-West at Force 2-5. Even in calm days, sailors enjoy the light breeze blowing from North-East for 2-3 hours in early afternoon. During spring and autumn the wind is less strong blowing from South-West. 

Ionian routes are best for beginners and family sailing since offer safe navigation and less required experience.

Ionian sailing area/ Paxoi island

With approximately 20 smaller islands (except the known ones) the Ionian islands offer sailing itineraries around many directions.
It is worth paying a visit to three beautiful (but less popular) islands: Othoni, Erikoussa, Mathraki situated North-West of Corfu Island.

Ionian islands Greece

There are many archaeological, historical and religion-related attractions in the Ionian islands which is an adding value for sightseeing lovers. Such attractions are for example the ancient site of Palaiopolis that was the ancient agora of Corfu Island, the monastery of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) Kathara probably built in the 16th or 17th century in Ithaki island and much … much more!

Ionian islands Greece

Two modern and private marinas in the Ionian, the new Lefkas marina in Lefkas Island and Gouvia marina in Corfu island, provide up to date service for you and your party. Gouvia marina, located 15 minutes far from Corfu airport and main port, is an easily accessible point either by international and domestic flights or by ferry from Italy and Greece's mainland. Lefkas marina is within walking distance from Lefkas town and the quickest way to get there is by air (Aktion airport lies just 35 km away). Lefkas can also be reached by car (385km from Athens). The choice of starting point is yours!

See a link for the Ionian Islands:

See some of the islands/ approaches included in the Ionian area:
CorfuPaxos & AndipaxosLefkasIthakiKefaloniaZakinthos,  Othoni, Erikoussa & Mathraki,  Sivota Area,  Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Atokos & Skorpios,  Astakos Area.

See the photo gallery for Ionian islands in the Ionian sea.

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Special Offers

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