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Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Paxos island in the Ionian (Eptanisa) sailing area:

Paxos (or Paxoi or Paxi) is the smallest of the Ionian islands, lying just 7NM from the Southernmost tip of Corfu. Paxoi is actually a complex of small islands and rocky islets, the largest of which are Paxos and Antipaxos.
Little can be said about the beauty of these two small islands. It is like a world you thought only existed on the pictures of old postcards. Paxos is an island of small fishing villages, covered in olive groves and tiny coves where astonishingly clear water washes white pebbly beaches.
Paxos has three main settlements, Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. Gaios, the island’s capital, is a picturesque village build around a port which is protected by two smaller islands, Agios Nikolaos & Panagitsa. In Gaios you will find everything from tavernas, shops, supermarkets, cafeterias and a couple of nice bars. Lakka, the second largest settlement, is a beautiful sheltered fishing harbour situated on the North tip of the island and an ideal harbour for the many sailing or motor yachts that stop in during the summer months. Full of shops, restaurants and tavernas, Lakka is a tiny village focused almost entirely on its harbour-front. Last but not least, Loggos is the most charming village in Paxos. There, you will find several restaurants & tavernas, grocery stores and tourist shops.

Although Paxos is such a small island, it offers a wide variety of beaches, the majority of which are located on the East coast of the island. Some of these beaches are Mongonissi, Kaki Langada, Levrecchio, Kipos, Kipiadi, Kanoni & Glyfada. All beaches in Paxos are best accessible by boat and most of them can also be reached on foot!

The amazing beaches, the genuine friendliness of the islanders and the captivating scenery make Paxos a unique holiday destination and it is no wonder why so many people keep coming back to Paxos year after year!

Weather conditions / Climate in Paxos island:

Paxos enjoys a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. Mild with occasional rain showers during the months of April and May and hot with little or no rain with slightly cooler evenings during the summer months. Autumn is usually mild with frequent rainfalls but the sea is still warm.

Moorings & Anchorages in Paxos island/ Ionian islands:

One of the many advantages in Paxos are the many natural ports where yachts can moor safely protected from the afternoon winds and storms. You can moor in Lakka and in Gaios. For anchorage you may go to Lakka, Loggos, Gaios and Mongonisi.

History / Places of interest in Paxos island:

According to the Greek mythology, Poseidon (God of the sea) created Paxos island by striking Corfu with his trident, so that he could make a love nest for him and his wife, Amphitrite.
It is believed that Paxos was first inhabited in the ancient times by the Phoenicians and the first recorded historical event is during the 2nd century BC when the island fell under Roman rule. After various rulers and Crusaders, the island was taken by the Venetians at the end of the 14th century. The Venetians ruled the island for more than 400 years and greatly influenced the development and the culture of Paxos.
After the Venetians, the island was dominated by the French (Napoleon Bonaparte), the Russian and finally by the British. In 1864, together with the rest of the Eptanisa (Ionian islands) Paxos was ceded to the Greek state.

What to see in Paxos:
While you are in Paxos island, make sure you visit the Folklore museum in Gaios, the Olive Press museum just outside Magazia village (also worth a visit) and the ruins of a stone built soap factory in Loggos. Do not miss the Tripitos Arch (cliffs) on the West coast for some nice shots and a swim sailing-stop in Mongonisi (South of Gaios) for some relaxing time.

Activities in Paxos island:

There is not much to do in Paxos except relax, swim and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Paxos is the ideal destination for those seeking to explore an island on foot as there are many bays, coves and inland areas to discover, as well as rich and diverse wildlife, flora and fauna to observe.
For water sport lovers, there is a water sports centre in Lakka with facilities for windsurfing, water skiing, dinghy sailing and scuba diving.

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