Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Milos island in the Cyclades sailing area:

Milos lies in the Southwest part of the Cyclades islands being ideal place for nature and sea lovers as it offers spectacular landscapes and heavenly beaches! Due to its rare landscape morphology and mineral wealth, some people believe that if you take a good look at the rocks, you will see all the colours of the rainbow!
Although Plaka is the capital of Milos, Adamantas is the main port and the centre of the island. In Adamantas, you will find everything you may need such as commercial shops, banks, supermarkets, groceries and the like, but remember bars spread along Adamantas are really nice!
Some villages worth the visit are Klima, Pollonia, Tripiti and Triovassalos. You will find restaurants and tavernas everywhere on the island, however our recommendation would be to avoid the ones in Adamantas and in Plaka as they are fairly good. Choose the ones in the villages like Tripiti, Triovassalos and Pollonia and taste some special Greek recipes.

For those who enjoy the beach, the sun and the swimming, Milos will not disappoint you as offers at least 70 beaches, each one different than the other. The most popular and beautiful beaches in Milos are Paliochori, Tsigrado, Ag. Kiriaki, Gerontas, Provatas, Firiplaka, Gerakas, Achivalolimni, Empourio and Psaravolada.
The dry landscape combined with the blue azure waters and the white-washed houses makes Milos a “must” holiday destination for summer sailing boat holidays in Greece!

Weather conditions / Climate in Milos island:

The climate in Milos is typical of the Mediterranean with sunshine most days of the year. During the summer months (mostly July and August), you should expect frequent winds (Meltemi) blowing from the North at 6-8 beaufort. South winds are less frequent in the summer time, but strong (over 8 beaufort), which explains why only few sailing or motor boats anchor on the South side of Milos. Northwest, Southeast and Southwest winds are less frequent. Don’t be surprised if you experience strange winds near the coastline! It is only the turbulence created by the geographical aspects of the island.

Moorings & Anchorages in Milos island/ Cyclades islands:

In Milos, you can moor in Adamantas which is considered as a safe shelter point from the meltemi. If you prefer to anchor in Milos island, you may go to Achivadolimni, Rivari and Empourio.
Keep in mind:
Alimos marina and Lavrion port both in Athens are Galazio Sailing charter bases so as to sail the Cyclades sailing area. You can also depart (upon boats’ availability) from Paros port in Paros island.

History of Milos island:

According to findings, Milos island was first inhabited during the Neolithic age and soon flourished due to the trade of obsidian stone that was used to make tools, weapons, etc. In the following years, copper came to replace obsidian which lost importance, nevertheless Milos continued to develop and remained the centre of the Cycladic culture. It is believed that it was during the Bronze age that the people of Milos built the Minoan palace in the village of Filakopi, which was later washed away by the sea and only a part of it is now in ruins.
The rest of the history for Milos is very similar to the other Greek islands. Many conquerors such as the Dorians, the Athenians, the Romans, the Macedonians, the Turkish and the Germans invaded the island.
Another thing worth mentioning is that during the Peloponese war, Milos tried to keep neutral and not join the Delian league. This however seemed to displease the Athenians, who later on besieged and destroyed the city, killed the men and sold the women and children for slaves. A historic event which was reported by our great writer Thucydides as the “Melian Dialogue”. After that, the island never recovered its former prosperity.

Places of interest in Milos island:

Your first stop while in Milos, should be the archaeological museum in Plaka. There, you can see the replica statues of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) and Poseidon (art of the ancient roman city of Klima). Next stop the catacombs (a Christian community cemetery), in Tripiti village, which can be combined with a tour of the ancient theatre and the place where the statue of Aphrodite was discovered. Last but not least, the remains of the Minoan palace, its cyclopean walls and the sanctuary in Filakopi village!

Activities in Milos island:

Milos island is ideal for all kind of watersport activities as it has many beaches offering facilities such as diving, water-skiing, paddle boats, windsurfing, etc. For example, there is a scuba diving school in Pollonia and a sea kayak rental in Triovasalos.
For unique landscapes and interesting sailing routes along Milos island, don’t forget to visit Kleftiko, Papafragas and Sarakiniko! Bear in mind though, the above places are accessible only by sailboat. Be sure, you will not be disappointed!!
Needless to say that like in all Greek islands, visitors can rent a car, mountain bike or motorbike in the main town and several villages as well.

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