Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens
Sailing Yacht Charters in Greece & the Greek Islands!
Home Base: Alimos (Kalamaki) marina in Athens

Syros island in the Cyclades sailing area:

Syros (otherwise Siros or Syra) is a Greek island located just in the middle of the Cyclades islands, Greece. Being similar to the rest Cyclades, Syros is yet another hilly & barren island in the Aegean Sea. It is also the capital of the entire Cyclades group & must-stop island for all sailing parties that sail the central Cyclades!
Ermoupolis, the capital & main port of Syros, is a lovely town amphitheatrically built around Venetian & neoclassical buildings and historical sites. Syros’ villages, either seaside or mountainous, are picturesque (do not miss to visit Ano Syros & kini ones).

The beaches in Syros, sandy and/ or pebbled, are placed mostly South. Some of the most popular ones are Agathopes, Megas Gialos, Galissas, Kini, Ahladi, Azolimnos, Vari, Armeos & Finikas.
Syros’ entertaining spots (cafes, night clubs, restaurants etc), typically concentrated in Ermoupolis, will impress everyone. Ermoupolis has to present a casino as well! My first hand experience, for dining in Syros, says Ano Syros though! Ano Syros has some very good traditional tavernas with exquisite local cuisine & view to Syros’ capital that takes your breath away!

Weather conditions/ Climate in Syros island:

The climate in Syros is the typical Mediterranean which means mild winters & dry summers with high temperatures. Hopefully, there is the Meltemi wind during July & August!
Average wind’s intensity in Syros is light to moderate, it can be strong (especially in summertime) though. During summer, the prevailing wind in Syros is the Meltemi blowing from North at force around 3-5 & sometimes 7 Beaufort scale.

Moorings & Anchorages in Syros island/ Cyclades islands:

Sailors may moor on the North side of Syros harbour (Ermoupolis). The small Finikas marina, on the Southwest part of the island, offers some mooring places as well. Ermoupolis & Finikas provide sailors with adequate yachting facilities such as fuel, water, electric power etc.
One can anchor in Posidhonia, Ormos Galissas, Ormos Kini, Ormos Delfino & Ormos Aetou.

Just to remind you:
*Alimos marina & Lavrion port both in Athens are our charter bases for sailing around the Cyclades sailing area. You may also depart from Paros port in Paros island (upon availability).
**Indeed, Alimos marina in Athens is the prime yacht charter base for Galazio Sailing in Greece. Being the base with very many options in available yachts (more than any other base in Greece), Alimos marina offers the most attractive charter prices for sailing around Cyclades/ Aegean Sea!

History of Syros Island:

Findings show that Syros has been inhabited since Bronze Age. Like most of the Greek islands, Syros suffered for many centuries as many (let’s say) “powers” came & settled in the island of Syros. During the years, Syros was under the rule of the Phoenicians, Persians, Venetians, Romans, Russians, Turks as well as many conquerors such as the Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, Ptolemies of Egypt & many more as well. All the above till the Greek Revolution of 1821! Despite its problems, Syros has never stopped being a great commercial and cultural centre for Greece all these years.
Nowadays, it is the local administration centre and the capital of the Cyclades group as well as an important trade hub. Syros is also a very touristy island, peaceful and very cosmopolitan.

Places of interest in Syros island:

Needless to say that Syros offers very many sites of interest – worth visited. Do not miss to visit:
– The Town Hall placed in Miaouli square/ Ermoupolis
– The many – Catholic and Orthodox – churches around the town of Ermoupolis
– The narrow alleys of the capital & the *local market
– The many Museums such as the Archaeological, the Industrial & the Cycladic one

*Taste the local sweets such as “Halvadopita”, “halvas” & “loukoumia” & drink the home-made liquor & wine of Syros.

Activities in Syros island:

There are many organized beaches in Syros which provide various activities such as watersports, cafes, bikes, tavernas etc. Such beaches are Galissas, Agathopes, Megalos Yialos & Azolimnos.

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