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Dodecanese  Area / Rhodos


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Rhodos island in the Dodecanese sailing area:

Rhodos island in the Dodecanese sailing area, Greece

Rhodos (or Rhodes, Rodos, Rodhos) is the capital and the largest island of the Dodecanese group. It is located at the Easternmost side of the Aegean sea, just a few miles West of Turkey. It is considered not only a charming sailing destination but a very good starting point for sailing around Dodecanese as well.
Rhodos is a mountainous and one of greenest islands in the Aegean characterised by arid and rocky coastlines and lush forests with fertile slopes and valleys.
The capital, also called Rhodes, has modern, ancient and medieval elements to display. It is the main commercial and population hub of the island and the best place for shopping, walking and entertainment.
Although Rhodos is the touristiest and most cosmopolitan island of the Dodecanese complex, it still has unspoiled villages which keep their authentic character alive. Fishing or mountainous villages such as Faliraki, Kamiros and Ialyssos offer different and very attractive life style. Lindos -a place not to be missed- has great monuments, brilliant white houses, nice beaches, stunning view from the ancient Acropolis and a big sheltered bay for the yachts to anchor.
Most of the extended night clubs and bars, in Rhodos, are gathered around the capital and other touristy places such as Faliraki and Lindos. There is also a great variety of restaurants and tavernas in the island.

Rhodos island, Dodecanese in the Aegean sea

The island of Rhodos consists of long, sandy beaches and coves. Most beaches are well-organised providing a high standard of facilities such as tavernas, beach-bars, watersports and equipment for bathers. Some of the most reputed beaches, in Rodhos, are Afantou, Faliraki, Kalathos, Kalithea, Traganou, Tsambika, Vagies, Agathi, Vlicha, Lothiarika, Lindos, Kolimbia, Ialysos and Elli.

Weather conditions / Climate in Rhodos island:

During summer, the prevailing wind in Rhodos island is the Meltemi. It blows from North-West to West at force 4-6 and may reach force 7 on occasion. The weather's special feature is that it does not blow every day but may blow without a break for several days. On the contrary, during spring and autumn the winds blow also from South-East at force 2-4 again stronger occasionally.
Known as the isle of the sun, Rhodes island is said to be the sunniest in Greece. The climate, in Rhodos, is the classic Mediterranean: sunny and dry summers and mild winters. During summer period, the temperatures sometimes are quite high and common winds and breezes, especially during July and August, provide a relief making the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Moorings & Anchorages in Rhodes island/ Dodecanese islands:

Mandraki port in Rhodos island, Dodecanese

Rhodos island has its public marina called “Mandraki”, which is the older harbour of Rhodos, providing adequate facilities to the charterers/ yachtsmen. The protected anchorages in Rhodes, such as Lindos, Faliraki, Istros and Lardos, are found mostly on the Southeast coast of the island.
Keep in mind: The old harbour of Mandraki in Rhodos island, the new Marina Kos in Kos island as well as Pythagorion marina in Samos island are the "Galazio Sailing" charter bases for the Dodecanese islands.

History / Places of interest in Rhodos island:

Rhodos island in the Dodecanese, Greece

Rhodes' history starts long ago, whilst according to the mythology Helios (the Sun God) named the island after the nymph Rhode.
From the Stone Age Rhodes has been invaded and influenced more or less by many civilizations, including the Minoans from Crete (1700-1600 BC), Phoenicians, Acheans and Dorians who according to tradition shared the island between the three cities of Kamiros, Ialissos and Lindos in 1100 BC. After 400 years those three cities, together with the island of Kos and the cities of Knidus and Halicarnassus founded the Dorian alliance “Hexapolis” later called “Pentapolis”. Their economical power resulted in the new city-state of Rhodes.
The -31 metre high- statue of the Colossus standing over the harbour of Rhodes till the earthquake of 226 BC was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Rhodes was for centuries an important naval and trade power establishing several colonies in the Med. Speaking of yachting, it is worth mentioning that the sailors and the captains of Rhodos introduced a “system” of international maritime law which was one important early legal text used through the Roman period and prime Byzantine times.
Wealth and glory in Rhodos was at its best when the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem built the stunning Old Town walls at the beginning of the 13th century.

Places of interest in Rhodes:
The island of Rhodes abounds in interesting monuments and religious sights. Worth paying a visit: The valley of the butterflies, the ancient Acropolis in Lindos, the archaeological museum in the old town, the palace of Grandmaster, the Rhodes Aquarium and thousands churches and monasteries such the church of our Lady of the Castle and the monastery of Filerimos. A walk through the castle of St. John and the whole “old town” of Rhodos is a must!

Activities in Rhodos island:

Rhodes island is a perfect place for watersport lovers! Either amateur or experienced, the visitor has an abundance of watersports to choose from. Most organised beaches provide the necessary equipment for windsurfing, water-ski, paragliding, scuba diving, water rides, pedal boats etc. There are also plenty watersport centres and schools around the whole island.
There are several choices so as to rent a car, bike or motorbike especially around the main town and port.

See the photo gallery for Rhodos island in the Dodecanese sailing area.
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